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Expand Banner Display System (Sweden)

"A picture says a thousand words" - What better ways to reach out to your potential customers than with an eye-catching picture of your products? The following systems, Quickscreen and Penguin, help you to achieve immediate marketing, and are of outstanding quality.

For each system, you can choose to either use each unit individually, or place several units beside each other to create a picture wall. Both systems come in single cases, which are discreet and easy to carry, and can be easily assembled within minutes.

Check out our Banner Display products below.

Expand MediaScreen 1
- Sleek and streamlined design
- Telescopic pole for flexible height of your image
- Foldable support foot to ensure stability
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Expand MediaScreen 2
- Double-sided
- 2 heights to choose from (no telescopic pole)
- Clear cut design
- Also see the outdoor version
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Expand QuickScreen 3
- Available in 7 colours - choose one to match your image
- Unique shape and design
- A smart system makes it easy to change your image
- No support foot needed
- Comes with an telescopic pole (160;220cm)
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Expand MediaScreen XL
- Extra tall & extra wide (width 1.2 m, height up to 3 m)
- Create a large backdrop by joining two or more displays together
- A perfect alternative to Expand 2000 & Expand MediaFabric

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Expand M2
- Easy to change  message in your display
- Telescopic pole for flexible image height
- Clean, minimalist design
- Similar to Expand  MediaScreen 4

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Expand BannerStand
- Available in 20 different sizes
- Lightweight
- Slim and discreet design display nearly invisible from the front
- Several displays can be combined to create a large image

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