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Expand TV/Monitor Stand

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Easy to set up
Expand MonitorStand is an easy-to-handle system
that you set up in a few minutes.
Download set up instruction.

VESA standard for fastening the monitor
The holders on Expand MonitorStand are adapted
to VESA standard (Video Electronics Standards Association), regarding the distance between the
holes for fastening flatscreens.

Product leaflet

Download a product leaflet for Expand MonitorStand.

Foot: H x Ø: 100 x 590 mm
Pole: 122 cm, 175 cm, 195 cm
Weight: Pole: 2,8-4,2 kg
Foot + adaptors + fastening device: 12,8 kg

The pole is made in aluminium and the foot in cast iron with chromed metal thread.

There are two bags for Expand MonitorStand.