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Alpha-S Wide Outdoor Banner

Platform for ultra Wide Panoramic graphic display
Flexible size & double-sided display system
Easily redeployable & set-up with no tools required

• Can be used in both outdoors and indoors
• Provide consistency/standardization for banner size/format.
• Easily deployable; independent of availability of anchoring points.
• Large Banner format most suitable for eye-catching graphics that will captivate the audience.
• Reusable platform and reusable banners; Cost saving in long-term usage.
• System is scalable

Click the thumbnails to view:

Easy to set up
You set it up in less than a minute.


Size & weight
Banner size:
Height: 1.6m to 3.8m
Width: 2m onwards
Estimated Stowing Weight: 21 kg

Single sided system
Double sided system

Unlimited side-by-side system connectivity
Assembly/Disassembly: No tools required
Delivered in a padded black nylon bag.