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Bamboo L-Banner Viro-L

Bamboo Banner Stands created using Environmental Friendly material – Bamboo.

Be Sustainable
With Bamboo Banner Stand, over 95% of the stand is fabricated from bamboo cover with environmental friendly lacquer.

Easy to assemble and to alter message
Dual-functional rails are designed for the
convenience of printing house, subjecting to different media to be used.

Why Bamboo?
Bamboo is one of the fastest renewable plants. Bamboo
can be selectively harvested every year without
destroying the green forestry. And it takes only 4-6 years
for bamboo shoots to grow into its full maturity.

Dimensional stable, easy to install and maintain.
Bamboo is 27% harder than oak, 50% less shrinkage or
expansion than oak, resistant against moisture and
insect, free of toxic substances.

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Easy to set up
You set it up in one minute.


Width: 80cm
Height: 200 cm
Weight: 4 kg

Foot interlocking in the bottom rail.
Two holes on the foot, allowing for graphic verticalness.
Cardboard tube and full-Cotton bag with
shoulder strap.