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Showcase Display

Unique columnar presentation system
If you want a mobile display for graphics and products, then Pirouet is the answer. It is a unique portable columnar presentation system which serves as both a display cabinet and a communication medium. Each circular shelf is attached to the next by 3 folding supports to form a columnar presentation system in moments. Pirouet's display shelves are designed to let people see your products at their best. There are two Pirouet models you can choose from, namely Pirouet 45 and Pirouet 60.

The perfect combined product and graphics display system
Both models of the Pirouet frame are supplied in black or white. All other colours are available on request. Presentations can be made even more attractive and your message even more eye-catching by using a light box or mounting the Pirouet on a turntable. What's more, you can use the Pirouet 60 as a multimedia display, with a shelf for a keyboard and mouse.

The ideal portable solution...
Pirouet, the portable solution, is ideal as:
- Product launches and presentations
- Point-of-sale merchandising displays
- Information columns at tradeshows
- Closed column advertising displays at promotional events
- A show stand reception desk
- Open or closed cabinet displays
- A multimedia display
- Presentation at symposia and congresses

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Easy to set up
How to set up a Pirouet Display System

Pirouet is one of the fastest ways of presenting your message in any environment where your target audience is. It takes less than 30 seconds to have your Pirouet set-up.


• Height: measurement from 40 cm rising by multiples of 40 to 240 cm
• Width: diameter 45 and 60 cm
• Thickness ring thickness 3.5 cm
• Shape: cylinder
• Colours: Standard silver, other colours on request
• Weight: frame 200 cm high, diameter 60 cm: 9.8kg
• Materials: aluminium frame
• Load-bearing: capacity per plate 12 kg, with a maximum of 25 kg per Pirouet
• Visuals and Graphics: by single small panels or large sheets
• Accessories: internal lighting (for window display function), external lighting (for illuminating graphics), packaging, keyboard shelve